We must convey our gratitude to the 24 volunteers who came down from the Knutsford area to participate in vegetation clearance under the Barclays Bank Community Programme on 6/5/2014. Between the Barclays volunteers and the Lein Amlwch workforce there were 36 able bodied persons on the line – 8 at the Dingle in Llangefni where the line the line has been completely cleared and 28 at Llangwyllog where vegetation was extremely dense.

In the words of Malcolm Hughes the Barclays co-ordinator:

“Everyone involved had a wonderful day, enjoying every moment of working on a railway line. This was an experience that they had never had before.”

As a result of the massive clearance undertaken on the day, the line is now clear of trees and saplings from Llangwyllog station up to the road bridge and beyond. Thank you all most sincerely! Looking forward to seeing you again in early July.